CX Kidtronik - Krak Attack

SIK017 - CD

Artwork for SIK017
  1. Hoodrat Booty Krakology Scince feat. Dr. Madd Vibe
  2. Krak Kills feat. Profit & Mez of M.I.C
  3. Crackblock feat. DET
  4. Tricky Dick feat. Ramm Ell ZEE
  5. 98.7 K.R.A.K FM Hotline #
  6. HDKR Rule- Otto von Schirach Remix Remix
  7. Big Girl, Skinny Girl feat. Tchak Diallo
  8. Hoodrat Booty Krakology Scince pt 2 feat dr. Madd Vibe
  9. Sky Is My Roof feat. Kong
  10. F You feat. Deuce Gangsta
  11. Kraks Taken Over the World feat. "Screamin' Howard Dean
  12. Get Your Bars Up feat. High Priest
  13. Bloody Biscuits feat. The Ramm:ell:Zee
  14. Word from the Evo Griller
  15. Women's secret Confessions pt. 1
  16. Montecore's Revenge feat. Deuse Gangsta
  17. Girl of My Dreams
  18. [Whut]'T'Hell Wit Y'all feat. Agallah of Purple Ciy
  19. I ain't with that Fuck Shit feat. Deuce Gangsta
  20. Get Back (Go) feat. Zion of Zion I
  21. Whoopsi Daisy feat. Ricky Ray
  22. Dr. Fill (w/ Vanessa Jenkins)
  23. Total Domination of the Universe
  24. Bang Out feat. Ruste Juxx
  25. Once upon a Crime feat. Blaze
  26. Thru The Cracks feat. Hprizm
  27. Re-Addic-Hab
  28. Deathbox feat. Moses
  29. School Sicks feat. Deuse Gangsta
  30. I Want That feat. Barrington
  31. Who Rocks feat MF Grimm
  32. Krakmonster outro

© Sound-Ink Records 2006.


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